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Life is full of lessons that we learn from living and watching and doing. And part of learning is sharing what we learn with others.

Friday, August 14, 2009

cleaning goal for a princess

  • I am in the cleaning mode as I follow my friend here:
  • even being a princess does not keep your palace from
  • catching dust and dirt and all those things that
  • sneak teen-age-rs.
  • I have a dresser hiding in my dining area that I
  • want to use as storage for dining things rather
  • than spare clothes that this princess may or may not
  • wear again
  • so my goal is to clean out those drawers and
  • use the dresser as I want too-
  • generally one does not have a dresser in the
  • dining room but this palace is small
  • and my grand daughter moved into as the second princess here
  • and alas there is no room for the spare dresser now
  • but now I can pop in those extra linens and things
  • and free another space else ware=
  • so tomorrow I will do drawer number 2 and 3
  • as drawer number one already holds Meme's
  • hair dryer and things as a teen age princess also
  • disturbs the palace bathroom
  • have fun for who ever is enjoying this blog
  • hugs from Meme

Monday, August 3, 2009

Bread and water

  • I remember the nursery rhyme about Mother Hubbard
  • sending her kids to bed with bread and water.
  • now I think it would be great if we could just
  • kids to drink water and even eat a slice of bread
  • with out a lot of toppings.
  • my house is a pop free zone now
  • and sometimes I hear complaints
  • from the grand kids but Meme rules...
  • and they are discovering water.
  • When I was a kid I had bread and water
  • before going to bed and
  • it was a normal part of my life.
  • Mama made her bread and we had home made
  • butter too . (It was a good thing-)
  • and our water came from the well,
  • fresh pumped into our drinking water pail,
  • we always drank milk with our dinner and supper
  • and having a cup of water at bedtime was just normal
  • Mama's bread loaf was always bigger , heavier and tastier
  • and healthier-------
  • than the store bought sliced bread.
  • her slice of bread was a good snack and
  • She sliced the loaf neatly at the time
  • we used the bread.
  • No presliced bread for us.
  • and with the butter
  • that was all we needed.
  • She did not believe in sweets before bed
  • so jam and honey and syrup was off limits.
  • Our bread and water was never considered a punishment;
  • or poor mama would have spent a lot of time in jail.
  • I bake bread now and then
  • and there is something about the smell
  • that takes me back home again and
  • sitting with brother eating our bread
  • and drinking our water.
  • We could drag out the time and eat
  • at the same time listening to the radio-
  • I think we need to go back to
  • home made bread and water-
  • It spells comfort.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

ticker fun

  • I am keeping the looks of my blog simple for now-
  • but for added fun I did make a ticker of Meme chores
  • which will count up to 10,001 .
  • Sometimes we forget that a done list
  • can be encouraging to us on a daily basis
  • and is a good find ways of bring joy
  • into our home keeping. -
  • I do not add all those little things I do --
  • only major chores that I can look back on
  • and count quickly as I do not want the ticker
  • to become an added burden to my day
  • the ''to do '' list can often be overwhelming
  • when when I am in chaos instead of calm .
  • -------
  • I no longer make a 'to do' list as for me
  • as it was be coming counterproductive-
  • I was spending 15 to 20 minutes at night
  • writing it out when I could have been praying--
  • and I know there is dishes in the sink so writing
  • that down does not get them done----------
  • I do have a remember list where I put down
  • things that I may forget-- such as
  • bake muffins for this Tuesdays for seniors group-
  • I put a date beside it and check the remember book
  • before bed time or after breakfast-------
  • I can mark things down any time of the day and
  • even pop in a grocery need so later
  • I can go over it and see that I need eggs etc. this week.
  • huggles from Meme

Sharing my lessons on Home keeping.....

I started washing dishes for mama when was 6 years old which means I have

had experience of washing dishes for 55 years now and of course, that was just

the beginning of keeping a house clean.

However some lessons take a long time to learn and sometimes we forget

the lessons we learn.

Home keeping is something that the majority of us do whether we are a family

of one or of many.

I will have no structure to this blog and will share the lessons as they come to mind.

It will be filled with laughter and tears and mixed with hints and thoughts of mine.

I am a Christian so I will be using what God has taught me through the last 55

years of dishes, dirt, cooking, laundry and all the things that go into keeping

a house a home.

Enjoy and feel free to share any thoughts you have- we can all learn from each other.


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