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Life is full of lessons that we learn from living and watching and doing. And part of learning is sharing what we learn with others.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sharing my lessons on Home keeping.....

I started washing dishes for mama when was 6 years old which means I have

had experience of washing dishes for 55 years now and of course, that was just

the beginning of keeping a house clean.

However some lessons take a long time to learn and sometimes we forget

the lessons we learn.

Home keeping is something that the majority of us do whether we are a family

of one or of many.

I will have no structure to this blog and will share the lessons as they come to mind.

It will be filled with laughter and tears and mixed with hints and thoughts of mine.

I am a Christian so I will be using what God has taught me through the last 55

years of dishes, dirt, cooking, laundry and all the things that go into keeping

a house a home.

Enjoy and feel free to share any thoughts you have- we can all learn from each other.

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