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Monday, August 3, 2009

Bread and water

  • I remember the nursery rhyme about Mother Hubbard
  • sending her kids to bed with bread and water.
  • now I think it would be great if we could just
  • kids to drink water and even eat a slice of bread
  • with out a lot of toppings.
  • my house is a pop free zone now
  • and sometimes I hear complaints
  • from the grand kids but Meme rules...
  • and they are discovering water.
  • When I was a kid I had bread and water
  • before going to bed and
  • it was a normal part of my life.
  • Mama made her bread and we had home made
  • butter too . (It was a good thing-)
  • and our water came from the well,
  • fresh pumped into our drinking water pail,
  • we always drank milk with our dinner and supper
  • and having a cup of water at bedtime was just normal
  • Mama's bread loaf was always bigger , heavier and tastier
  • and healthier-------
  • than the store bought sliced bread.
  • her slice of bread was a good snack and
  • She sliced the loaf neatly at the time
  • we used the bread.
  • No presliced bread for us.
  • and with the butter
  • that was all we needed.
  • She did not believe in sweets before bed
  • so jam and honey and syrup was off limits.
  • Our bread and water was never considered a punishment;
  • or poor mama would have spent a lot of time in jail.
  • I bake bread now and then
  • and there is something about the smell
  • that takes me back home again and
  • sitting with brother eating our bread
  • and drinking our water.
  • We could drag out the time and eat
  • at the same time listening to the radio-
  • I think we need to go back to
  • home made bread and water-
  • It spells comfort.

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