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Friday, August 14, 2009

cleaning goal for a princess

  • I am in the cleaning mode as I follow my friend here:
  • even being a princess does not keep your palace from
  • catching dust and dirt and all those things that
  • sneak teen-age-rs.
  • I have a dresser hiding in my dining area that I
  • want to use as storage for dining things rather
  • than spare clothes that this princess may or may not
  • wear again
  • so my goal is to clean out those drawers and
  • use the dresser as I want too-
  • generally one does not have a dresser in the
  • dining room but this palace is small
  • and my grand daughter moved into as the second princess here
  • and alas there is no room for the spare dresser now
  • but now I can pop in those extra linens and things
  • and free another space else ware=
  • so tomorrow I will do drawer number 2 and 3
  • as drawer number one already holds Meme's
  • hair dryer and things as a teen age princess also
  • disturbs the palace bathroom
  • have fun for who ever is enjoying this blog
  • hugs from Meme


  1. Good Luck with the dresser. Last week I was busy cleaning out mine. I even folded my underwear, not my hubby's though. He'd think I was off my rocker.

    Have an awesome week.

  2. dear meme... i like all of your blogs but i have been shying away from this one!
    i am such a pack rat and unorganized as far as the cupboards and closets are concerned,
    i really must mend my ways and do a little bit of clearing up here!
    you...dear friend put me to shame!
    i guess if i set myself to the chore, it will be very good therapy for my muscles.
    i think i had better give it a try!!! terry



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