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Sunday, August 2, 2009

ticker fun

  • I am keeping the looks of my blog simple for now-
  • but for added fun I did make a ticker of Meme chores
  • which will count up to 10,001 .
  • Sometimes we forget that a done list
  • can be encouraging to us on a daily basis
  • and is a good find ways of bring joy
  • into our home keeping. -
  • I do not add all those little things I do --
  • only major chores that I can look back on
  • and count quickly as I do not want the ticker
  • to become an added burden to my day
  • the ''to do '' list can often be overwhelming
  • when when I am in chaos instead of calm .
  • -------
  • I no longer make a 'to do' list as for me
  • as it was be coming counterproductive-
  • I was spending 15 to 20 minutes at night
  • writing it out when I could have been praying--
  • and I know there is dishes in the sink so writing
  • that down does not get them done----------
  • I do have a remember list where I put down
  • things that I may forget-- such as
  • bake muffins for this Tuesdays for seniors group-
  • I put a date beside it and check the remember book
  • before bed time or after breakfast-------
  • I can mark things down any time of the day and
  • even pop in a grocery need so later
  • I can go over it and see that I need eggs etc. this week.
  • huggles from Meme

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